Neovirtua's Studios are situated at the City Business Park, Plymouth. Giving Staff and Clients a relaxed, creative area to discuss and plan future ventures.

Neovirtua now specialises in E-commerce development and will be updating its portfolio soon with all of the online shops we have created. Click here for a google map, to find us. The History of Neovirtua Freelance Web Design by Graduate Multimedia Designers After graduating in 2003, Martyn Luscombe and James Abney-Hastings decided that freelance work was for them, and this is our platform. Learning our trade on the latest state of the art software whilst studying at the University of Plymouth, we are now able to constantly update our skills, due to the challenge and diversity of the type of work that we undertake. And staying up-to-date in this field is this biggest rush of them all. The Internet is a Phenomenon like no other, it is a self sufficient entity, constantly growing exponentially, so if you cant beat it, join it.

The whole idea behind Neovirtua was to start designing any type of multimedia application available, a big challenge indeed. So to enable any freelancer to offer him or herself out to undertake any type of work, involves a network of individuals, a cooperative if you like; and Neovirtua is intent on becoming a hub for freelancers to outsource parts of their work that they are cant, wont or just donĀ“t like doing. This means that our clients get the best service available, we manage to pay the bills; and an expanding network of freelancers learn new skills off each other and can expand on the types of work that they can offer to their clients. If you wish to join neovirtua contact us now.